France: CC 20001

Also known as: CC 6051

Railway companies: SNCF - French National Railway Company

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Delivered in 1950, this is a dual-system electric locomotive used by the French National Railways - SNCF for testing 20 kV / 50 Hz alternating current electrification on the Aix-Les-Bains - Annecy - La Roche sur Foron line as well as 1500 V direct current electrification.

2x additional prototypes will be delivered:
- in 1951 unit CC 6052;
- in 1955 unit BBB 6053.

In terms of mechanical part, this locomotive is considered the predecessor of Ae 6/6 electric locomotives built for the Swiss Federal Railways a few years later.



This unit is reconfigured for 25 kV / 50 Hz alternating current and receives new registration CC 20001.



As this unit gives entire satisfaction, a series of 9x electric locomotives inspired from the CC 20001 prototype are delivered from 1955 and are registered CC 25000.


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