France: BBB 20003

Also known as: BBB 6053

Railway companies: SNCF - French National Railway Company

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Delivered in 1955, it is the last of the three prototype locomotives delivered to the French National Railway Company - SNCF to test the technologies suitable for the single-phase alternating current electrification. The previously delivered prototypes are:
- the CC 6051 electric locomotive delivered in 1950;
- the CC 6052 electric locomotive delivered in 1951.

Of the three, it is the only machine that can operate at full power from the outset at both 25 kV / 50 Hz AC and 1500 V DC, but it is also undoubtedly the most complex.

Manufactured by the Electric Traction Equipment Company - MTE and the Creusot Workshops, it is mechanically derived from the BBB 6002 unit, a prototype intended for electrification of the Brive - Montauban railway line at the end of the war. The electrical equipment consists of a main transformer of 2'900 kV supplying an asynchronous motor of 3'800 hp operating no less than three direct current generators.




In 1964, this unit is converted to be used as a direct current locomotive only and will be registered as BBB 6003.


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