Germany: Class 412 / 812

Also known as: ICE 4

Railway companies: DB - German Railways


In 2011, the Deutsche Bahn AG assigned the construction of up to 300 new high-speed trains to Siemens Mobility. The high speed trains are to be used in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and are registered as Class 412 / 812.

Jointly developed by Siemens and Bombardier, these trains are modular and can be configured from 5-car to 14-car consists depending on the desired acceleration, speed and number of seats. Each train is powered by several power cars.

Deutsche Bahn AG ordered 7-car and 12-car multiple units. These units are configured as follow:
- 7-car units: 3 powered cars, 456 seats in total and a length of 200m;
- 12-car units: 6 powered cars, 830 seats in total and a length of 346m.
Maximum speed for all units: 250 km/h.



The first 12-car units enter regular service in December 2017 on the Hamburg-Würzburg, Stuttgart-Munich and Hamburg-Berlin-Munich lines.

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