Romania: Class 42

Also known as: 060-EA2

Railway companies: CFR - Romanian State Railways

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In order to do high speed testing for new passenger cars and also test high speed braking equipment up to 200 km/h, in the middle of the 1970's locomotive 060-EA-122 was fitted with special bogies with changed gear ratio for high speed. It was renamed 060-EA2-122 and got the nickname "The General".

During testing on Floresti Prahova to Buda section it attained the 204 km/h speed record for the Romanian railways.

Later on, the high speed bogies were transferred to locomotive 42-0302-2 and locomotive 060-EA-122 retrieved its initial configuration.

Sources: "060-EA locomotive - 40 years from the first electric locomotive produced in Romania" (2010 - Mircea Dorobantu)


Locomotive 42-0302-2 establishes the new speed record for Romanian railways: 227 km/h.

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