Austria: Bmz 28-71.0

UIC / EVN numbering: 61 81 28-71

Railway companies: ÖBB - Austrian Federal Railways


The first 8x Bmz 28-71.0 coaches are derived from Bmz 21-71.0 coaches reconfigured in 1996: the walls between the 3 middle compartments are removed to form a large play area for children .

Thus, the configuration of these coaches: 8x 6-seater compartments and one large 6-seater compartment in the middle.

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3x new coaches rejoin the Bmz 28-71.0 series after a new batch of Bmz 21-71.0 coaches have their interior reconfigured as 8x 6-seater compartments and in the middle one large 6-seater compartment with a play area for children .

Sources: Heinrich82 -


All 11x Bmz 28-71.0 coaches are modernised during the ÖBB "Upgrading-Programm" and receive new registration Bmz 28-91.0 .

The ÖBB "Upgrading-Programm" lasted from 2002 to 2010. Nearly all ÖBB long-distance coaches were modernised in that time, including the Bmz 28-71.0 coaches. From 2002 to 2005 and due to cost reasons, most coaches get a new grey livery and a modernised interior but not all are upgraded for a maximum speed of 200 km/h. From ~2005 onwards, all coaches modernised in the ÖBB "Upgrading-Programm" are upgraded for 200 km/h maximum speed. Also, all of the earlier modernised cars are upgraded for 200 km/h maximum speed during this later phase.

Sources: Heinrich82 -

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