Switzerland: Tagnpps 96,5m続 (silo wagon)

UIC / EVN numbering: 31 85 066 4

Railway companies: SBBC - SBB Cargo

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In 2002 SBB Cargo received a series of silo wagons for grain transport named Tagnpps 31. Originally they were planned to be used for sugar transport (this is the reason why they are covered with promotions for sugar from time to time) but they allow a wide range of loads: cacao, grain, soya etc.

These cars can be spotted in North Sea Ports like Amsterdam and Rotterdam and they ensure shippings to Switzerland. The cars are running in block trains as well as single cars in mixed trains. When the load is sugar or cacao, the cars can be dispatched directly to famous chocolate factories such as Lindt & Spr端ngli, Camille Bloch or Chocolat Frey.

Nowadays these cars are very common at SBB Cargo. 214 cars have been rebuilt and updated by company VTG-Graaf by the end of 2011. During this update mainly the sidewalls of the wagons have been strengthened for a longer life span.


In the middle of 2002, SBB Cargo received a series of 120x units of silo wagons Tagnpps 96.5m3 for grain transport.


Due to the popularity of these cars in 2003, another 100 cars were put into operation. Compared to the first series of construction, the se- cond wagon series had 2 rope anchors per wagon side (1st series: 1 anchor per wagon side).


Since the first cars had cracks in the outer skin as early as 2003, seven cars were brought to Graaff Transport Systems, the manufacturer of these cars, for welding reinforcing ribs on the silo walls in 2008. Later, other cars followed this procedure in order to get the same replacement.

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