Germany: Class 193 (Vectron MS)

UIC / EVN numbering: 91 80 6193

Railway companies: SBBCI - SBB Cargo International, SIEAG - Siemens AG

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After successfully acquiring 20x Vectron MS locomotives through LokRoll AG (Class 193 461 - 478), SBB Cargo International orders 20x Vectron MS locomotives from Siemens Mobility in cooperation with SüdLeasing GmbH. The locomotives are leased by SBB Cargo International from SüdLeasing through a long-term leasing plan with a flexible term.

These multisystem locomotives are intended for service on the Rhine-Alpine Corridor and are designed to operate in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and the Netherlands (DACHINL). They have a maximum output of 6.4 MW and are equipped with the European Train Control System (ETCS) in addition to national train control systems. The locomotives are built at the Siemens Mobility factory in Munich-Allach.

Delivery is planned between the end of 2019 and mid-2020, ensuring that SBB Cargo International has the locomotives available in time for the opening of the Ceneri Base Tunnel (CBT) in December 2020.


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