HO (1:87)

KG 230 B shunting locomotive

- new shape;
- frame and stems made of metal;
- fan grille on the front of the long stem;
- finely detailed, multicoloured driver's cab;
- numerous details on the chassis are separately applied;
- separately applied and partially perforated steps;
- freestanding handle bars;
- spring buffers;
- train driver figure;
- height-adjustable digital coupling;
- loudspeaker with large sound capsule for maximum sound enjoyment;
- smoke generator synchronised with the locomotive sound;
- digitised original sounds of a KG230 B with a 12-cylinder A12 L 714 Deutz engine;
- driver's cab and driver's desk lighting;
- brake sparks when braking sharply;
- chassis lighting;
- a pipette for filling the smoke generator is included;
- two different antennas are included.

First announced: 1st Quarter 2023

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Associated railway vehicles:

ESU 31448

Recommended retail price: 459.00 €
2-rail (direct current - DC)
3-rail (alternating current - AC)
DCC (Digital)
21-pin interface (NEM 660)
Energy storage: buffer capacitor for an uninterruptible power supply
Flywheel drive
Number of driven axles
Digital coupling
Spring buffers
LED headlights
Triple headlights and two red taillights alternating with the direction of travel
Cab lighting
Smoke generator
Length over buffers
92,3 mm
Train driver figure included

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