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DR - 18 201 steam locomotive

Marklin introduced a finely detailed model of the iconic express steam locomotive, road number 18 201, which was a star for the German State Railroad in the GDR since 1961. The green model comes with an auxiliary tender, representing the locomotive’s use post the reunification of Germany. It's a versatile model suitable for various themes and eras.

The prototype is based on the locomotive from the GDR's State Railroad, created from parts of road numbers 61 002 and H45 024 by the VES-M Halle. The model replicates the locomotive's appearance circa 2017, when used for special trains. Key features include new tooling, intricate metal construction, a variety of applied details, a factory-installed smoke unit with dynamic smoke exhaust varying with speed, separate control for cab and running gear lights, and operating, current-conducting close couplers on the tender and auxiliary tender.

Equipped with an mfx+ digital decoder, the model offers extensive light and sound functions. The locomotive, primarily made of metal, features controlled high-efficiency propulsion with a flywheel in the boiler, powered 3 axles, and traction tires. The adjustable close coupling between the locomotive and tender and the lighting at the end of the tender are digitally controllable. The model adheres to the NEM buffer height and is compatible with a minimum operation radius of 360 mm. The total length over buffers is approximately 40,8 cm.

A DC version is available in the Trix H0 assortment as item number 25020.

First announced: September 2023

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Associated railway vehicles:

Märklin 38201

3-rail (alternating current - AC)
DCC (Digital)
mfx+ digital decoder
Integrated sound
Flywheel drive
Current-conducting couplers
Coupler standard pocket (NEM 362)
Coupler with close coupling cinematic
LED headlights
Triple headlights alterning with the direction of travel
Cab lighting
Smoke generator
Locomotive - metal frame and mostly metal body
Length over buffers
408 mm
Minimum drivable radius
360 mm

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