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SBB - Class Eb 3/5 "Habersack" steam locomotive


This miniature model is a meticulously crafted representation of the Swiss class Eb 3/5 tank locomotive, affectionately known as "Habersack". Constructed primarily of metal, the model features the first implementation of Telex couplers on both the front and rear, which can be operated separately in digital mode.


Locomotive constructed of metal.
First time to include Telex couplers front and rear, which can be controlled separately in digital operation.
Triple headlights as LED lighting.
World of Operation mfx+ digital decoder and a variety of operation and sound functions included.

Historical context

The "Habersack", a class Eb 3/5 tank locomotive, was built by SLM between 1911 and 1916, with a total of 34 units produced. These locomotives, delivering nearly 1,000 horsepower (735 kilowatts) and capable of speeds up to 75 km/h (47 mph), were originally designed for passenger services. Their robust design and supplemental braking system later made them well-suited for freight operations. Following their prominent use in the mid-20th century, the comprehensive electrification of the Swiss rail network reduced their operational necessity. By 1965, these locomotives were either stored or sold off as the era of steam in Swiss rail service waned.

Associated railway vehicles:

Märklin 37191

EAN code: 4001883371917
Recommended retail price: 429.00 €
3-rail (alternating current - AC)
DCC (Digital)
mfx+ digital decoder
Integrated sound
Coupler standard pocket (NEM 362)
Triple headlights alterning with the direction of travel
Locomotive - metal frame and mostly metal body
Length over buffers
146 mm

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