Germany: WRkmz136 "McDonald's / McTrain"

Also known as: WRbumz136

UIC / EVN numbering: 61 80 88-94

Railway companies: DB - German Railways, DB - German Federal Railways


In June 1992, McDonalds asked the German Federal Railways (DB) whether it would be feasible to offer catering on the train.

After intensive discussions, the decision was made in November 1992 to convert two existing ARmz 211.0 units: 84-94 525 and 531.



The 2x converted units WRbumz136 are finally classified as WRkmz136:
- the first unit 61 80 88-94 001-9 was put into operation at the Swiss Waggonfabrik Pratteln (SWP) on September 1st, 1993;
- the second unit 61 80 88-94 002-7 was put into operation a few days later.

The kitchen occupied 25m² (more than half of the car) and was equipped with a coffee machine, beverage dispenser, grill, deep fryer, hot water containers, various work surfaces and several refrigerators and freezers. The energy consumption almost doubled to 90 kW compared to a regular dining car.

The interior was configured with semi-circular benches and bar stools without a backrest. In addition to the 27x available seats, there was also room for 8x standing.

5 men were required on board to ensure the service.

In addition to the usual McDonald's range, other dishes were served like Viennese sausages and spaghetti plus two full menus. Passengers in both 1st class and 2nd class were able to order directly from their seat.

The car was replenished by local McDonald's station restaurants along the route.

Both units were commissioned by the end of September 1993 and with the start of the winter timetable, the two cars are used on the IC 724/725 Hamburg - Berchtesgarden train pair.

Since the expectations were not met, they were later used on the IC 524 and IC 621 trains.



The cars are removed from regular service with the 1995/1996 winter timetable. The experiment was considered a failure for 2 main reasons:
- the public was reserved in accepting a McDonald's quality catering service on board;
- the logistics (both in terms of personnel and supplying the cars) was very expensive.


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