Germany: WRmh131 88-80 001 - 005

Also known as: WR端mh131 88-80 001 - 005, SDWR4端m 101 - 102, WR4端m-62 11001 - 11002, WR4端m-63 11103 - 11105

UIC / EVN numbering: 61 80 88-80

Railway companies: DB - German Federal Railways, DSG - German Sleeper and Dining Car Company

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The first 2x units from this series are built in 1962 by Orenstein & Koppel in Berlin for the Rheingold service between Amsterdam/Dortmund and Basel.

These coaches had an unique configuration:
- on one side, the passenger salon was divided in 2 compartments with a total of 48 seats in a 2+1 vis--vis configuration with tables;
- on the other side, a buffet, a gangway to allow passenger to travel freely to and from the next wagon, a kitchen on the higher level and at the lower level a compartment for supply storage and equipped with a dishwasher and a coffee machine. The kitchen is equipped with propane gas burners and refrigerators. Two small elevators were installed for the transportation of food and plates over the three levels. There was also a conveyer belt between the buffet and the dishwasher room to transport dishes. There was an internal telephone system so that staff could easily communicate with each other.

The coaches are 26,4 meter in length, 2,825 m in width and 4,050 m in height. The coaches weight 54 tons and are equipped with MD50 bogies from Minden-Deutz. The coaches are suitable for speeds up to 160 km/h. They are equipped with a Jettair climat control system and the kitchen had a separate ventilation and extractor system.

The coaches were all delivered in the blue/ivory white Rheingold coloring. On both sides were the inscriptions "DSG" between the two DSG logos.

The coaches were delivered to the DSG and had initially the numbers 101 and 102 but soon after were renumbered 11001 and 11002. The coaches were originally planned as SDWR4端m but were delivered as WR4端m-62.



3x additional units (registered WR4端m-63 11103 - 11105) are delivered in 1963. The first 2x units are delivered to Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB) and the last unit to DSG.



In 1965 the coaches are painted in TEE colours and in 1967 the letters "DSG" are replaced by the inscription "TRANS EUROP EXPRESS".



By 1968, the registration changes from WR4端m-62 / WR4端m-63 to WR端mh131 and all coaches receive UIC registration numbers 61 80 88-80 001 - 005.


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