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Also known as: LDE2100-ND2

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In order to repay the Chinese loan granted in 1970, Romania began exporting diesel locomotives for China Railway in 1972.

These locomotives, registered as ND2 (the 'N' stands for diesel locomotive, 'D' stands for electric transmission and '2' stands for the second imported locomotive), are based on the very successful 060-DA diesel locomotives series built for the Romanian State Railways (CFR).

The following modifications are operated according to Chinese requirements:
- double-side driver's cab door instead of single-side door;
- driver's console shifted from the left side to the right side;
- the locomotive head design is changed from a flat surface to a blunt shape with a slight inclination angle on the upper part and the lower part inclined to the inside.

Between 1972 and 1987, 284x ND2 diesel locomotives are built by Electroputere Craiova (Romania), of which 50x are provided as disbursements and the rest are purchased.



With the increase number of higher-power passenger locomotives, ND2 diesel locomotives can no longer meet the needs for passenger services. At the same time, there is an increased demand for locomotives in the Chinese marshalling yards.

Thus the design of the locomotive is modified to a single-cab outer-corridor type body. The bogie design and the transmission gear ratio are also modified and adapted for a maximum speed of 100 km/h. There are 88x locomotives delivered in this configuration, registered as ND3.



20x units from this series are acquired by the Romanian Railway Group (GFR) and are brought back to Romania where, after being refurbished, they are registered as Class 60.


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