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UIC / EVN numbering: 31 85 6733

Railway companies: SBBC - SBB Cargo

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Between 2010 and 2011, 440x coaches for the transport of steel and scrap are built from previous Eaos freight wagons and are registered as Fas freight wagons. Eaos freight wagons were also used for this purpose but the wagons casing and the wooden floor were not suitable for this kind of load because they were too fragile. The forces acting during loading and unloading were so great that they regularly led to costly repairs.

The decision to convert existing wagons was taken because it was much cheaper: 1/3 the price of a new wagon. The conversion of the 440x units cost CHF 19 million.

During the transformation, the old casing and the wooden floor of the wagon are removed. The chassis is checked and it is eventually straightened, damaged brackets are replaced. A 12-millimetre thick sheet steel floor is installed, as well as the new reinforced casing with one hinged door per side. The length and width of the crate does not change, but its height is increased by 13 centimetres, which offers a new cargo volume of 74 m³ (compared with 70 m³ for Eaos freight wagons). As the weight of the empty wagon increases, the maximum load capacity is only 52,5 t (compared with 58 t for Eaos freight wagons).

The 1st prototype is delivered in September 2010 and since October 2010 around 40x wagons are delivered each month (with a last delivery in September 2011).

Sources: Magazine Cargo 3 / 2011 - https://www.sbbcargo.com/fr/medias/publications/magazine-cargo/magazine-cargo-archives.html

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