France: BB 10001

Also known as: BB 8051

Railway companies: SNCF - French National Railway Company


In 1948, as part of the electrification of the Savoy railway lines using 20 kV / 50 Hz single-phase alternating current, the French National Railway Company - SNCF orders three prototypes for six-axles dual-system (alternating current and direct current) electric locomotives which will be delivered as follows:
- unit CC 6051 is delivered in 1950 by Oerlikon Machine Factory - MFO and Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works - SLM;
- unit CC 6052 is delivered in 1951 by Alstom;
- unit BBB 6053 is delivered in 1955 by Electric Traction Equipment Company - MTE and Ironworks Company and Creusot Workshops- SFAC.

In addition to this official order, Alstom also develops a locomotive solely for the 20 kV / 50 Hz single-phase alternating current system, which the firm is building at its own expense.



June 28th

Although it does not correspond to the initial specifications, the first tests are promising and the French National Railway Company - SNCF agrees to acquire the locomotive.

It is delivered to Chambéry depot on June 28th, 1951, and it is registered as BB 8051.



This unit is renumbered BB 10001 and at the same time undergoes slight modifications because the line voltage goes from 20 kV to 25 kV.

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