Austria: Nightjet - Viaggio Next Level

Railway companies: ÖBB - Austrian Federal Railways


August 17th

Austrian Federal Railways - ÖBB and Siemens Mobility sign a framework agreement for the delivery of day and night trains with a total of up to 700 passenger coaches over the following years (the total value of the contract exceeds € 1.5 billion with the possibility to be extended).

At the signing of the agreement, ÖBB placed its first call for 8x nine-car trains for day services and 13x seven-car trains for night services.

The next-generation, seven-car Nightjet consists of two coaches, three couchette cars, and two sleeping cars. Their design combines ultra-modern elements with an even higher level of passenger comfort. The new couchette car concept also offers additional mini-suites for single travelers that ensure a pleasant trip and relaxed arrival. Travel in the sleeping car will be even more comfortable since each of the standard and deluxe compartments has its own toilet and shower. The previously offered regular compartments will naturally still be available as well, with a new design.

The Viaggio coaches are to be operated with ÖBB’s current fleet of Siemens Taurus locomotives.

Commissioning of the first trains is planned for 2022. The passenger coaches are manufactured at the Siemens factory in Vienna, Austria.



February 23rd

ÖBB and Siemens Mobility present the exterior design of the new Nightjet.


August 10th

ÖBB orders 20x additional seven-car night trains from Siemens Mobility to expand its Nightjet fleet.


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