Belgium: Class 97

Also known as: Type 97, T 14

Railway companies: EB - Belgian State Railways, SNCB NMBS - Belgium National Railway Company

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The 56x units of this series are received as war reparations from Germany after World War I (these units were previously registered T 14 with the Prussian State Railway).


The following units receive new registration numbers:
unit 9774 receives new registration number 9701;
unit 9775 receives new registration number 9751;
unit 9781 receives new registration number 9752;
unit 9783 receives new registration number 9753;
unit 9793 receives new registration number 9756.


World War II

During World War II, 26x units are added to the inventory of German Imperial Railway and are registered as Class 93 427 - 447 & 451 - 455.

After the war, all locomotives are returned and together with the remaining units will form the Type 97.001 - 056 series.

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