France: Vru "Club 34 / Agora"

UIC / EVN numbering: 61 87 88-70

Railway companies: SNCF - French National Railway Company


These units are transformed between 1982 and 1984 from Vru DEV 62 coaches.

Used for charter trains, these ten cars can still be used as a catering vehicle, but also as conference coaches or as an ordinary car, with seats facing each other (there are 34 seats, hence the name of these cars). The exterior livery and fittings are close to those of the Corail coaches. These cars were once designated "AGORA" (with large colored letters on the sides).

Having donned a gray and orange livery in 2003, most of these cars are still in use today, forming the daytime "Cruise" train alongside a "disco bar" car ex B5rtux Corail and A10rtu VTU 82 "cars Round tables". A variant that appeared on this occasion is the "Club 42" or "Club 34 with short kitchen": the kitchen is reduced by half, which makes it possible to have a 42-seat hall or a large dance hall (cars 001 to 006 "disco entertainment").


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