Romania: Class 67

Also known as: 060-DC1, Didina, LDE3000-RO, ALCo

Railway companies: CFR - Romanian Railways

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A total of 3x locomotives from this series are delivered by Electroputere Craiova as follows:
- 1978: 1x unit registered as 67-0001-7;
- 1979: 1x unit registered as 67-0002-5 (unit 67-0005-8 is finally delivered as 66-0005-0);
- 1980: 1x unit registered as 67-0013-2.

Similar to Class 66 (with which they share the same number block), these locomotives are intended for passenger services and they have a higher maximum speed and are fitted with electric train heating.



All units are withdrawn from regular service by the end of 1994.


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