Germany: Tamns

UIC / EVN numbering: 37 80 0805

Railway companies: GATXD - GATX Rail Austria GmbH



Since September 2017, GATX started testing the new Tamns 80m³ wagons with sliding roof, which were developed by GATX together with Adler Rail and Tatravagonka.

The technical characteristics:
- capacity: 79,5 m³;
- tare weight: 24,0 t;
- total weight: 90 t;
- length over buffers: 15,740 mm.

Instead of the previously used rolling roofs, these cars have an intelligently-constructed, steel swivel roof that can be folded down to the sides, therefore opening up the entire width and length of the freight cars. Damage during loading and unloading, like to the chain guide for example, or caused by snow accumulating on the cover, is avoided and the moisture-sensitive cargo inside the cars stays dry.

The other advantages of the new TAMNS cars:
- the new cars have a volume increase of approx. 13% and a higher payload compared to other cars currently on the market;
- the roof can be easily opened and closed by a push button;
- the absolute tightness of the new swivel roof was confirmed in numerous tests so moisture-sensitive products are guaranteed to arrive at their destination dry.


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