Germany: Class 250

Also known as: Class 155

UIC / EVN numbering: 91 80 6 155

Railway companies: DB - DB Cargo, DB - German Railways, DB - German Federal Railways, DR - German Reich Railways


In the mid-1960s, it became apparent that engine Classes 211 and 242, in production since 1961, were not powerful enough, so DR - German Reich Railways built a new, 6-axles, electric locomotive suitable for all classes of traffic.

In 1974 three prototypes were built by LEW Hennigsdorf, the leading builder of railway locomotives in the GDR.



A series of 270 locomotives were delivered between 1977 and 1984. They were mainly used for heavy cargo trains as well as the fast Städteexpress-train services of DR (comparable with the DB InterCity service).



In the course of time, especially as a result of the reunification of GDR and FRG, the transport of heavy goods increasingly shifted from rail to road. The Class 250 series became redundant in East German freight train traffic and some locomotives were transferred to DB - German Federal Railways and registered as Class 155.


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