Switzerland: Em 2/2 2

Also known as: Tm 2/2 11, Tm 2/2 514

Railway companies: MO - Martigny–Orsières railway, PTT / POST - Swiss Post, SERSA - Electric welding of rails S.A.


From 1933, this two-axle unit powered by a gasoline engine is used as a shunting locomotive at Sihlpost in Zurich.

Sources: http://www.le-rail.ch/text/projekt46.htm


In 1941, the Daimler gasoline engine is replaced by a Saurer diesel engine.

Sources: http://www.le-rail.ch/text/projekt46.htm


This unit is sold to Electric welding of rails S.A. (SERSA) before being taken over by Martigny–Orsières Railway (MO) and registered as Tm 2/2 11.

Sources: http://www.le-rail.ch/text/projekt46.htm


This unit receives new registration Tm 2/2 514.

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