France: BB 15000

Railway companies: SNCF - French National Railway Company

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There are 65x units of this series delivered between 1971 and 1978 registered 15001 - 15065.



September 1st

Unit 15055 is converted to prototype locomotive BB 10004.

After a couple of years of extensive testing, the locomotive is converted back on February 28th, 1989.

Concerns registration number(s): 15055



January 1st

From January 1st, 1999, as the SNCF locomotive inventory is distributed between the different activities, engines may receive a prefix (eventually followed by a "0" if the initial registration number is only 4-digit long) as follows:
1: used for long-distance and high-speed rail passenger transport ("Voyages SNCF" / "SNCF Voyages" / "SNCF Voyages France Europe - SNCF VFE");
2: used for Intercity trains;
4: used for rail freight transport ("Fret SNCF");
5: belonging to a region and used for TER ("Train Express Régional") services;
6: used for the management and maintenance of the rail infrastructure;
7: used for the management and maintenance of rail vehicles (transport of new, under repair or written off railway vehicles);
8: belonging to Ile-de-France region and used for TER ("Train Express Régional") services.

It should also be noted that the suffix "R" is used to distinguish units equipped for reversibility.

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