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DB - Intercity (IC) passenger coaches set


This model features Wagon Set 2, composed of four Intercity coaches of the Deutsche Bahn, designed to accurately represent the configuration and aesthetics of contemporary German intercity rail travel. This set caters to model rail enthusiasts and collectors by providing an authentic miniature replica of Deutsche Bahn's passenger service coaches.

Technical specifications

Coach Composition: The set includes one 1st class compartment coach (type Avmmz 106), one dual-purpose on-board bistro/1st class coach (type Arkimmbz 288), and two 2nd class large-capacity coaches (type Bpmmbdz 284), all designed to mirror their full-sized counterparts in detail and function.
Route Service: These coaches are designated to represent the service on the train route from Frankfurt am Main to Westerland/Sylt, highlighting a specific and well-frequented rail route in Germany.
Additional Features: Each coach is equipped with separately attached WiFi antennas, enhancing the model’s detail and providing a modern touch to the set. The coaches also feature accurate inscriptions, faithfully replicating the actual markings on the Deutsche Bahn coaches to maintain authenticity and realism in the model.

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Associated railway vehicles:

Roco 6200020

EAN code: 9005033062644
Recommended retail price: 310.50 €
Coupler standard pocket (NEM 362)
Ready for interior LED lighting
Interior LED lighting kit
With interior fittings
Length over buffers
1212 mm
Replacement wheel set for 3-rail (alternating current - AC)

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