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SBB CFF FFS - "Gotthardbahn" Goods wagons

6x Goods wagons set "Gotthardbahn" of the Swiss Federal Railways:
- 1 caboose "Sputnik"
- 1 gondola E
- 1 boxcar Gbs
- 1 boxcar K3
- 1 stanchion wagon Ks
- 1 tank wagon “TOTAL” Zs

100 years of electrification of the Gotthard Railway:
The idea of making a railway crossing the Alps is even older than the railways that exist in Switzerland. After a long discussion about the alignment between the Eastern or Central Switzerland, the decision was made in favour of the Gotthard Railway. It was on the 206 kilometers-long railway line between Immensee and Chiasso with the longest crest tunnel in the world at 15 kilometres that daily train traffic started in 1882. Due to the great problems with coal procurement during the First World War, the Board of Directors of the SBB decided to electrify the Gotthard Railway in order to become independent of foreign coal suppliers and to increase the efficiency of the mountain route. The SBB built its own power plants for the energy supply. The first trains with electric traction were transported in October 1920. Initially the operation was carried out with 7.5 kilovolt catenary voltage to avoid flashovers on the insulators, which were polluted by the soot of the steam locomotives still running. The catenary voltage was only increased in May 1921 to 15 kilovolts. By May 1922 the route from Lucerne to Chiasso was spanned continuously with contact wire.

First announced: September 2019

Roco 76051

EAN code: 9005033760519
Recommended retail price: 169.90 €
Length over buffer in mm
761 mm
Replacement wheel set for 3-rail (alternating current - AC)
Coupler pocket and short coupling cinematic (NEM)

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