Germany: Class 193 461 - 478 (Vectron MS)

UIC / EVN numbering: 91 80 6193

Railway companies: SBBCI - SBB Cargo International, SIEAG - Siemens AG

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SBB Cargo International, after successfully renting Class 193 Vectron alternating-current (AC) and Class 193 Vectron multi-system (MS) locomotives from European Locomotive Leasing - ELL, decides to acquire 18x Vectron MS locomotives.

Financed in cooperation with Reichmuth Infrastruktur Schweiz, the locomotives are acquired by a newly created company, LokRoll AG, and are rented to SBB Cargo International for a period of 15 years.




The first unit from the series is delivered in December 2017.


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