Germany: Class 159

UIC / EVN numbering: 90 80 2159

Railway companies: ELP - European Loc Pool, HVLE - Havell채ndische Railways

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In 2017, private German operator Havell채ndische Eisenbahnen (HVLE) ordered 10 Eurodual locomotives and a further option of 10.

- based on subsystems and components from proven models such the EURO4000 and EUROLIGHT;
- designed for rail freight operations;
- AC traction system with IGBT. 1 inverter per axle;
- decreased environmental footprint;
- high starting tractive effort;
- extremely low track forces (best non-self steering bogie);
- monocoque structure made of carbon steel, high strength;
- steel and oxidation-resistant steel (copper steel);
- equipped with ETCS BL3 and PZB;
- two ergonomically designed driver셲 cabs with air conditioning;
- high cab comfort and visibility beyond TSI requirements;
- full cab isolation;
- reduced operation costs;
- EC 26/2004 Stage IIIB and TSI compliant;
- State-of-the-art adhesion control system;
- Equipped with TWC, remote control and cameras.

Technical details:
- track gauge: 1435 mm;
- axle arrangement: Co섴o;
- supply voltage: 25 kV 50 Hz and 15 kV 16.7 Hz;
- diesel engine: CAT C175-16, IIIB;
- power diesel: 2800 kW;
- power electric: up to 7000 kW;
- starting tractive effort: 500 kN;
- fuel tank: 3.500 l fuel;
- urea tank: 400 l;
- transmission: AC/AC;
- maximum speed: 120 km/h;
- brake system: mechanic -> pneumatic | dynamic -> regenerative/rheostatic | 2 distributors, one per bogie | bail off functionality;
- suspension: primary -> coil springs | secondary: rubber metal | vertical and horizontal dampers.



March 5th

Following the successful approval of the Stadler EuroDual locomotives by the German Federal Railway Authority (EBA), the European Loc Pool (ELP) ordered a further ten units under the master agreement that will be delivered between the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021.


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