Romania: Fans

UIC / EVN numbering: 33 53 6770

Railway companies: DB - German Railways

Length over the buffers: 11600 mm
Gauge: 1 435 mm
Number of hoppers: 2
Inside length of hopper: 4280 mm
Inside width of hopper: 2790 mm
Load capacity: 2×18 m3
Wagon’s height from top of rail: 3512 mm
Circulation speed: 100 Km/h (loaded) | 120 Km/h (empty)
Bogies type: Y25 Lsd 1-629
Brake type: KE-GP-A
Weight: 29,5 t
Loading capacity: 60,5 t

The electric batteries for the hydraulic tipping equipment are charged by an axle-driven generator during the run.

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