Spain: WL P 4501 - 4520

Railway companies: Renfe - National Network of Spanish Railways


These 20x units are transferred from The International Sleeping-Car and European Great Expresses Company - CIWL where they were also registered WL P 4501 - 4520, with the first 10x units arriving to Spain in 1969 and the last 10x units in 1971.

After a general renovation, they are presented to the public on January 14th, 1972, simultaneously in two railway stations: Barcelona-Término and Madrid-Chamartín (at the same time are presented to the public the new sleeping coaches from series YF 6001 - 6012 built expressly for Spain).


March 3rd

One unit of the series is involved in an accident in Valladolid-Campo Grande railway station.

In the early morning of March 3rd, 1988, the driver of the "Costa Vasca" express train from Madrid to Bilbao realised that something was wrong as he unsuccessfully tries to slow down his convoy while traveling at 75 kilometres per hour and fast approaching Valladolid-Campo Grande railway station. Despite all his efforts, the train collides with the "Cantabria" train stationed at platform 1.1 at around 45 km/h.

The freight car used for transporting cars at the end of the "Cantabria" convoy is propelled through the sleeping coach attached to it and penetrates like a pair of blades throughout the entire length of the car. The human toll: 8 dead and 30 injured.


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