Romania: A.C.M.

Also known as: De Dion Bouton

Railway companies: CFR - Romanian Railways

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The first 2x railcars used by the Romanian Railways enter service in 1907 at Piatra-Olt depot. These are used for the Piatra-Olt - Corabia and Piatra-Olt - Caracal railway lines.

These railcars use a naphtha (or "heavy petrol") motor coupled to a 70 hp electric generator. Both axles are powered by electric motors and gear drive.

They have only one driving cabin at one end, with the inconvenience they had to be turned at the end of the journey.

These railcars are of the same type as the automative wagons used by the Arad - Cenad railways at the time.


The Piatra-Olt - Caracal service using these railcars is stopped and only the Piatra-Olt - Corabia service is maintained until 1916.


In 1916 both railcars are removed from service and are transformed into inspection wagons registered 2001 & 2002.

NB: In 1935, unit 2001 is transformed again for passenger transport and is sent first to Ploiesti and after to Cetatea Alba for the Cetatea Alba - Bugaz railway line.


33x automative wagons of similar type are taken over by the Romanian Railways from the Arad - Cenad railways.

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