France: UIC B5Dd2

UIC / EVN numbering: 50 87 82-70, 51 87 82-70

Railway companies: SNCF - French National Railway Company

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The first 68x coaches from this series are ordered in 1969 and a second batch of 50x units are ordered in 1970.



All units enter regular service between 1972 and 1973.

These units have five 2nd class compartments with 8 seats and a 18 m2 baggage area, part of which can be transformed into a customs compartment by lowering a lockable metal curtain with seals. On each side of the car a rolling stainless steel corrugated curtain allows direct access from the platform.

The access platform on the passengers side has a toilet. A service room for the train agent is set up on the platform on the van side. A side corridor connects the two platforms. The van space is separated from the passenger space by a hinged door.

These units are mounted on Y24 A1s bogies. They are equipped with mooring rings for boarding ferry boats. Authorized at 160 km/h.

Weight 41 tonnes, electro-pneumatic control brake (EP), 17.20m bogie center distance, 24.50m overall (HT).


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