Romania: Class 41

Also known as: 060-EA1

UIC / EVN numbering: 91 53 0 410

Railway companies: CFR - Romanian Railways, SNTFC - National Company for Railway Passenger Transportation

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All 060-EA locomotives capable of reaching a maximum speed of 160 km/h are known as Class 060-EA1 (later on Class 41).

Sources: "060-EA locomotive - 40 years from the first electric locomotive produced in Romania" (2010 - Mircea Dorobantu)


The last locomotives are delivered by Electroputere Craiova in 1991.

The before last new built locomotive of the series for the Romanian State Railways - CFR, after being delivered as unit 41-0931-0 by Electroputere Craiova and following the accident suffered by unit 060-EA-001 in 1990, receives registration plates 41-0001-2 (as seen in Brasov in 1994 here).

A few years later, it switches registration plates with unit 060-EA-009 and will carry the registration plates from this locomotive despite the fact they represent another class of locomotives (the plates should have indicated 060-EA1-009 to display the right class for this locomotive).

Registration 41-0931-1 is at the end attributed to unit 060-EB-001 after its transformation by Electroputere Craiova into a Class 41 electric locomotive in 1991.



Unit 060-EA1-056 during test runs on the first electrified section in Greece, from Thessaloniki to Idomeni (near the border with Macedonia), in 1998.

This route is part of the Athens - Thessaloniki - Idomeni railway line, one of the main railway lines in Greece. It continues to Skopje (Macedonia), Belgrade (Serbia) and further on to Croatia or Hungary, being the main railway link between Greece and Central and Western Europe.

The line is part of the historic network of the Eastern Railways Company ("Chemins de fer Orientaux" - CO) whose construction began in 1873 by the then Ottoman Empire.

The electrification of the line is finalized in 1998. It is electrified using the 25'000 V / 50 Hz electrification system.

The line is mostly used by freight traffic.

Concerns registration number(s): 060-EA1-056


Starting in 1999, 24 locomotives from Class 40 and Class 41 series are modernised at Electroputere Craiova in collaboration with Siemens. The modernised locomotives are registered as Class 45.

Sources: "060-EA locomotive - 40 years from the first electric locomotive produced in Romania" (2010 - Mircea Dorobantu)


In 2014, locomotive 41-0004-6 has the biggest number of kilometres traveled among all CFR locomotives: about 7,5 million kilometres!

Concerns registration number(s): 41-0004-6

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