Germany: Hccrrs332

UIC / EVN numbering: 45 80 2909

Railway companies: DB - DB Cargo

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A new chapter has been written in the transportation of high-quality passenger cars with the development of the state-of-the-art closed double-deck car carrier. The closed design provides optimum protection against external influences for the vehicles to be transported. Extensive preparations and follow-up work can therefore be dispensed with. Theft or forceful damage to the vehicles is made significantly more difficult. These special wagons have a particularly high load capacity due to their length. Their noise level during loading is also significantly lower compared with open car carrier wagons, meaning that they also protect the environment. Due to electrical operation and continuous interior lighting on both loading levels, the working conditions at places of loading and unloading are significantly improved.

The wagons are intended for deployment in block trains and cannot be used unrestricted in all countries due to their structural dimensions.

Advantages of closed wagons:
- Protection against dirt accumulation and weather conditions;
- Protection against damage and vandalism;
- Simplified loading and unloading processes;
- Reduction of stress on the environment;
- Convenient electrical operation.

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