Romania: Class 150.001 - 282

Also known as: Type 1E-h2

Railway companies: CFR - Romanian Railways

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Gauge: 1435mm
Builder: Combinatul Metalurgic (Resita - Romania)
Type: 1E-h2 DECAPOD
Tractive effort: 20365kgf
Engine length: 22240mm

The locomotives of the series 150 were designed based on the GERUANE project of the German DR 50 locomotives, with many technological improvements. This was the most up to date type used by the CFR. They were equipped with Heusinger distribution. Knorr automated brake, Friedmann water injector, coal-fuel oil mixed combustion and (after August 1st, 1959) they were provided with thermosiphon and Kylschap emission double-cap.

A total of 261 units were manufactured during 1946-1961.

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