Romania: WRmee 84-90

UIC / EVN numbering: 61 53 84-90

Railway companies: SNTFC - National Company for Railway Passenger Transportation (CFR Travelers)

Gauge: 1.435 mm
Length over buffers: 26.400 mm
Vehicle width: 2.825 mm
Vehicle height: 4.050 mm
Tara: 47 t
Bogies: Y 32 R
Max. speed: 200 km/h
Capacity: 30 seats (restaurant) & 4 seats (bar)
Other features: video surveillance, WLAN, GPS positioning


The only unit from this series is built by Astra in Arad (Romania) in 2009 and, despite of the CFR logo on the car, it was not bought by anyone.

Technical details:
- maximum speed 120 km/h


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