Romania: Class 80

Also known as: LDH125

UIC / EVN numbering: 92 53 0 800

Railway companies: SNTFC - National Company for Railway Passenger Transportation (CFR Travelers)

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LDH125 diesel locomotives with Gat-08 or AV00 train steam heating installation used by the Romanian State Railways (CFR) from 1966.

NB: All 633x LDH125 diesel locomotives delivered to the Romanian State Railways (CFR) are initially registered as 040-DHC-001 - 663 before being divided in three classes:
- Class 80 detailed here;
- Class 81 for standard gauge and without a steam generator;
- Class 84 for broad gauge railways in the eastern part of Romania.


In 1999, the first 4x units from this series are modernised by Faur in Bucarest (Romania) in collaboration with Alstom (France) (initial contract signed in 1996).

2x units are modernised as Class 82 and 2x units as Class 83. Later on, 14x additional units are modernised as Class 82.

Sources: Jurnal Ferovia (februarie 1999),ălători


As fewer and fewer passenger coaches with steam heating are available, 25x units are equipped with a diesel electric generator for train electric heating by Remarul 16 Februarie in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) from 2005 onwards. These units are registered as Class 89.



54x locomotives are thoroughly modernised by Remarul 16 Februarie in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) from 2005 onwards: new Caterpillar engine, Deutz diesel engine generator for electric train heating, completely new superstructures. These locomotives are designated as Class 82.

Despite being registered in the same class as previous modernised locomotives by Faur in Bucarest (Romania), there are differences both in components used (different engine types and hydraulic transmission), performance (less powerful diesel engines) and exterior look.


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