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The TRAXX Ac3 locomotive is the newest generation TRAXX locomotive. Equipped with the Last Mile function, it includes the feature of operation into non-electrified railway sidings and terminals. It has, like all locomotives of the TRAXX platform, a modular design to accommodate the various country packages, including conventional automatic train protection systems, as well as ETCS.

The TRAXX locomotives were originally derived from the large series of the German class 185 and have been continuously further developed. Today, they are the most frequently sold and wide-spread locomotives in Europe. Proven in a multitude of diferent applications, they meet the high expectations of operators in terms of reliability, availability and maintainability, as well as low operating costs.

The Traxx AC3 electric locomotive is the successor of the successful AC2 series.

The layout is similar but the sidewalls were ribbed with the possibility to be covered by a flex-panel (idea borrowed from the truck and trailer market) or a hard panel. The front module, made of plastic and placed over the steel body, introduces the accolade-shape look (a style element also used on other Bombardier projects). This gives the locomotive a more distinctive look.


Swiss Rail Traffic AG from Switzerland ordered one Traxx AC3 locomotive in 2014. The machine has the Last Mile shunting module, ETCS Level 2 and is homologated for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It was delivered to Swiss Rail Traffic on 29.01.2015.

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