Switzerland: Re 4/4

Also known as: Re 4/4II, Re 425

Railway companies: BLS - Bern–Lötschberg–Simplon Railway

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The first 2 prototypes derived from Ae 4/4 are ordered by BLS in 1962.

The first locomotives are delivered in 1964 as Ae 4/4 II (locomotive numbers 261 to 265). After a few adjustments, the locomotive was classified as Re 4/4 (and later on as Re 425). A total of 35 locomotives were built by SLM Winterthur & BBC.

The locomotives are able to tow a 630 t train on a slope of 26 ‰ at a speed of 80 km/h.

Starting with number 174, the length of the locomotive is adjusted to 15 470 mm compared with 15 100 mm for the previous numbers.


February 2nd


BLS Re 4/4 number 183 derails on the Brig-Bern section, being involved in an avalanche.

Concerns registration number(s): 183


August 4th


BLS Re 4/4 locomotives numbers 170, 175, 184 and 187 were severely damaged in a collision in Biel. The investigation showed the driver ignored a stop signal. BLS Re 4/4 187 was no longer recoverable and was scrapped. The other three heavily damaged locomotives were eventually repaired and were put back into service in 2010.

Concerns registration number(s): 170, 175, 184, 187

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