Switzerland: E 3/3 8451 - 8533

Also known as: Tigerli

Railway companies: SBB - Swiss Federal Railways


The Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) is created in 1902 by nationalising and merging a series of private railway companies and it inherits of 48x shunting steam locomotives from its predecessors that are designated as E 3/3 type:
- 3x units from the United Swiss Railways (VSB) registered E 3/3 8395 - 8397;
- 34x units from the Swiss Central Railway (SCB) registered E 3/3 8401 - 8425 (Tigerli type) and E 3/3 8581 - 8589;
- 11x units from the Swiss Northeastern Railway (NOB) registered E 3/3 8551 - 8559 and E 3/3 8661 - 8662.

One year later, in 1903, with the addition of the Jura-Simplon Railways (JS), 16x additional units are taken over, registered E 3/3 8431 - 8440 (Tigerli type), E 3/3 8571 - 8572 and E 3/3 8573 - 8576.

As the number of locomotives is not sufficient for the new company, 83x additional units are ordered. These locomotives are registered E 3/3 8451 - 8533 and are of the Tigerli type.

Sources: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/SBB_E_3/3


Electric steam locomotives

In 1942/1943, due to coal shortage during the Second World War, Ee 3/3 8521 & 8522 are converted to electricity: electric boiler and pantograph to get electricity from the overhead line (electric equipment supplied by BBC and conversion realised by the SBB workshop in Yverdon). Electric lighting was fitted, with a battery charged from the overhead wire. The weight increased by 7 tonnes to 42 tonnes so new springs were also installed.

Power was taken from the overhead lines by the pantograph and fed to resistance heating elements in the boiler, via 2 transformers rated together at 480 kW. Water feed was by normal steam injectors. These unique locomotives also retained the capability of being fired by coal in the usual way.

The cost of the conversion was of around 100 000 Swiss Francs per locomotive and allowed to save 700 kg to 1200 kg of coal per day.

The construction of other electric steam locomotives id not pursued.

Concerns registration number(s): 8521, 8522

Sources: http://www.douglas-self.com/MUSEUM/LOCOLOCO/swisselec/swisselc.htm

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