Romania: Class 96

Also known as: Sageata Albastra (Blue Arrow), Desiro SR 20D

UIC / EVN numbering: 95 53 9 962

Railway companies: SNTFC - National Company for Railway Passenger Transportation (CFR Travelers)

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July 4th

The initial contract for the delivery of 120x units is signed between Siemens Transportation System Group and CFR Calatori SA on July 4th, 2001, followed by the commercial contract signed on April 2nd, 2002.

The contract value is estimated at around 320 M€.

57x complete DESIRO units are to be imported from Germany from the current production of Siemens and 63x units are to be assembled in Romania at SC Astra Vagoane Calatori SA starting October 1st, 2003.


January 30th

The first Desiro unit number Bpd 96-2001-4 + ABp 96-2501-3 made the inaugural route on the Bucharest - Piteşti - Craiova route.

Like all Desiro units delivered by Siemens, this is configured for short and medium distance routes: 123x seats in a 2 class configuration (12x seats in 1st class 2+1 rows configuration, 98x seats in 2nd class 2+2 rows configuration and 13x folding seats).


February 1st

Starting February 1st 2003, the Desiro units are introduced on the following routes:
- February 1st: Bucharest - Pitesti - Craiova (and later on to Tg. Jiu) route (trip duration: 3 hours and 44 minutes);
- February 10th: Bucharest - Faurei - Tecuci - Iasi route (trip duration: 5 hours and 30 minutes);
- March 30th: Cluj Napoca - Oradea - Salonta - Arad - Timisoara route;
- April 18th: Bucharest - Tirgoviste route;
- April 20th: Bucharest - Galati route;
- July 19th: Bucharest - Tulcea route;
- October 20th: Sibiu - Razboieni - Cluj Napoca route;
- November 17th: Sibiu - Rm. Vilcea - Piatra Olt - Craiova route & Sibiu - Vintu de Jos - Ilia - Lugoj - Timisoara route;
- November 24th: Sibiu - Fagaras - Brasov route.


April 4th

The first Desiro unit assembled at SC Astra Vagoane Calatori SA is delivered on Wednesday, April 4th, 2004 (2 weeks before initial schedule and 6 months after production initially started).

As these railcars are used by the Romanian State Railways (CFR) on much longer routes compared with the local services they were initially designed for, Astra will deliver a number of 30x units in a single 2nd class configuration: 70x 2nd class seats and 4x folding seats.

Despite the fact there is no 1st class, these railcars offer a higher degree of comfort for passengers compared with Bpd + ABp units, with larger and more comfortable seats positioned at a higher distance from each other.

These units are registered as Bpd 96-20xx + Bp 96-25xx.


The last unit of the 120x units order (registration Bpd 96-2120-2 + ABp 96-2620-1) is delivered to Bucharest depot.

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