Switzerland: AD 86-94 (IC2000)

Also known as: IC2020

UIC / EVN numbering: 50 85 86-94

Railway companies: SBB - Swiss Federal Railways


May 3rd

Investments for CHF 300 million: SBB is modernising its IC2000 two-level cars.

This is the most important modernisation in the history of long-haul traffic at SBB: The 341 two-level IC2000 cars will be modernised for operation for another 20 years. For travellers, this means more comfort from 2019. Trains will be modernised in accordance with the Equality Act for the Handicapped. SBB is investing 300 million francs in this project.
Travellers can enjoy the increased comfort that will be offered on board the 341 duplex cars type IC2000: their exterior appearance and interior design will be renewed, and an economical LED lighting concept will ensure a pleasant and clear atmosphere. The outlets will be integrated with tablets, improved mobile reception, and emergency communication terminals installed. In addition, the carpets and cushions will be replaced, the worn items will be recovered. SBB will install changing tables and expand the Business area. The dining cars will also be upgraded. The IC2000 will benefit from a complete technical review and will be subject to conservation measures; the outside of these cars will be repainted.

The space for bicycles in the IC2000 now has nine bicycle seats in each composition, up from five previously. Train modernisation is in line with the Equality Act for Persons with Disabilities. In particular, access to vehicles will be optimised. The works will be carried out at the SBB workshops in Olten, in principle from 2019 to 2024. The SBB will invest more than 300 million francs for this purpose.

IC2000 trains form the basis of the InterCity fleet. Designed for mainline traffic, they were acquired between 1997 and 2004. They circulate between Geneva, Berne and St. Gallen and between Romanshorn and Brig. The IC2000 fleet of vehicles will remain important after the modernisation work: it will meet the growing demand for seating. SBB's Fleet Strategy foresees the mid-life upgrade of 40-year-old trains to ensure reliable operation for another 20 years.

Every year, SBB invests almost CHF 1 billion in the purchase and modernisation of trains. In recent years, SBB has completely upgraded its fleet of VU IV and EC vehicles: 508 VU IV cars and 232 EuroCity cars have been refurbished for CHF 200 million, enabling them to travel 20 additional years. The old green cars are gone. Until 2014, 18 one-floor dining cars were also converted, for a total of 6.5 million francs. Since 2012, 44 trains and 308 cars at InterCity ICN have undergone a complete renovation for 130 million francs. More than half of these vehicles already have their new livery on the rail lines. Finally, 170 Bpm51 cars have been upgraded for use until 2022.


January 31st

The first two fully modernised IC2000 vehicles

IC2000 trains carry around 180,000 passengers every day. Since the summer of 2018, the first of the 341 IC2000 cars have been completely emptied and completely renovated. Now SBB presents the first two modernised prototypes at the Olten workshops.

The complete renovation of the IC2000 fleet of vehicles is the most important rail vehicle modernisation project in the history of mainline traffic. SBB is investing more than CHF 300 million in the renewal of the 341 vehicles concerned, which together with the Re460 locomotives constitute the backbone of Swiss mainline traffic. Customers will benefit in more ways than one. With the modernisation, the interior layout of vehicles will be brighter, a new concept of indirect lighting by LED energy saving will ensure a friendly and engaging atmosphere. All cars will be equipped with new seats and new carpets. The power outlets will be integrated directly into the new compartments shelves, the business zone will be equipped with an office area, equipped with induction charging surfaces for smartphones. Mobile reception will also be enhanced by radio-permeable windows, used for the first time on such a scale and already adapted to future generations of portable radio (5G). The dining cars of the IC2000 park will be redeveloped. They will be equipped with new tables and new seats and will present a modern and luminous atmosphere. Finally, the toilet cabins of family cars will be equipped with changing tables. Even before the modernisation, the number of bicycle places was increased from 200 to 360 in the 40 cars concerned. Security is not left out either. Additional security features such as intercom stations for travellers or fire detection devices will also be installed in cars. The modernisation of the vehicles also includes a complete technical overhaul and the painting of CFF-colored vehicle bodies, whose visual aspect will be harmonised with that of the most recent trains.

The renovation of the IC2000 fleet of vehicles is an important work. Between 2019 and 2024, more than 120 CFF specialists will work every day to give a new lustre to vehicles: mechanics, electricians, carpenters, locksmiths, painters, logisticians, work preparers, technicians. The modernisation of a car lasts 8 weeks. A vehicle is finalised every three working days. The Olten workshops work simultaneously on 14 vehicles, which is more cars than usual. In total, more than 32,000 seats will be refurbished, 40 kilometres of carpeting laid and more than 120 tons of paint applied. At the end of these renovations, the vehicles will be ready to travel reliably on the Swiss rail network for another 20 years. After the prototyping phase, mass production is expected to start in late 2019. The first upgraded IC2000 train is expected to be operational in the autumn of 2019. In addition to the new duplex trains for mainline traffic, the IC2000 trains will be in the future a key element of the CFF mainline fleet as well, in InterCity and InterRegio traffic.

According to the SBB strategy, rail vehicles undergo a complete upgrade to half their life cycle (40 years) so that they can reliably circulate for the next 20 years.

Modernization of SBB mainline trains

By 2024, all trains running on the main lines of SBB will be modernised. The modernisation program includes the generalisation of air conditioning, 2-1 seats in first class cars, 1st and 2nd class power outlets and low floor access. A dining car will be integrated into all InterCity trains.

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