Switzerland: Apm 19-90.1

UIC / EVN numbering: 61 85 19-90

Railway companies: SBB - Swiss Federal Railways

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The success of panoramic metric cars convinced the SBB to introduce a new panoramic-view coach with 1st class comfort for standard gauge in order to enhance the Eurocity trains. The most elegant coach the SBB had to offer increased the pleasure of train travel with a large viewing area while the coach itself conformed to UIC standards. The windows are set into the roof with an elegant arch. The narrow center strip of the roof prevents the zigzag of the catenary from disturbing the viewing area at high speeds.

The 12x units from this series are built between 1991 and 1992.

Technical details:
- weight: 48t
- maximum speed: 200 km/h

The passenger area has seats for 54 people. At the beginning, the passenger area was split in two: 36 seats in a non-smoking area and 18 seats in a smoking area, divided by a glass wall with a built-in swinging door.

The increased superstructure weight and the maximum speed of 200km/h required the addition of a third brake disc on each axle.

The coaches were mainly used on international trains to Munich, Milan, Amsterdam, Vienna, Graz and Venice.

Sources: Voitures et fourgons CFF (1997)


Around CHF 8 million are allocated by SBB CFF FFS to modernise the entire fleet of 12 panoramic coaches. This is part of the modernisation program of the entire EuroCity fleet decided by the SBB CFF FSS Board of Directors in February 2008.

After 12 months of cleaning and modernisation work, the last of the 12 panoramic coaches leaves the SBB industrial workshops in Olten on Friday, March 6th 2015. The coaches with large panoramic windows now have closed circuit toilet systems and power outlets in each seat. It is possible to connect phones and laptops to Swiss or European standards. The interior design has been completely redesigned: all seats and windows, as well as all wall and ceiling elements have been replaced or restored and their design refreshed.



Gotthard Panorama Express

Most of SBB’s long-distance passenger services between Luzern and Bellinzona have been routed through the Gotthard Base Tunnel since it opened in December 2016. An hourly Interregio train still runs over the original line, but passengers from further afield must change at Erstfeld.

In order to encourage tourisme in the Saint-Gothard area, the SBB launched the Gotthard Panorama Express between Flüelen and Lugano on April 14th 2017. The train is formed of first class panoramic coaches, conventional second class cars with air-conditioning and a non air-conditioned coach with opening windows for the benefit of photographers.

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